Get your own domain today! A free service that allows you to connect to your TeamSpeak 3 & 5 server using a URL instead of an IP address and Port.

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Totally Free

Our service is completely free. We will not charge for the registration of your domains. That's a promise!

Easy to Configure

We need only your desired name, IP address and port for the registration. We'll do the rest for you.


99.99% Uptime

Our infrastructure is multi-redundant. In various data centers. This guarantees you a reachability of 99.99% of your domain per month.

Fast IP Updates

The IP address or port of your TeamSpeak Server has been changed? Then simply update your domain! Your change is carried out within seconds.

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1. Create an Account

It's free to create a Account. After creating your account, we will send you an e-mail to activate your account.

2. Choose Your Domain

Choose your desired name. This may consist of letters and numbers, and hyphens. After the registration, it takes about one minute for your domain to be registered.

3. Done

Congratulations! Now you have your own domain. If the IP of the server change, you can change it in the dashboard. The changes are completed within seconds.

Do you have pre-sale question to our service? We can help!

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How long do DNS changes take?

The changes of a domain should be completed within about 60 seconds. It can also happen that this process could take a few hours. Read More

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What is URL Redirect and how does it work?

You can set up a URL redirect to forward your subdomain (e.g., to any destination page of your choice. Read More


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